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Talk about your family

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TOPIC: Talk about your family
Our family is large (small, not very large). We are the family of five (three, four, five, six): my mother, my father, two my brother and I.
My mother's name is … She is … years old. She is a farmer(a teacher a doctor, a worker, an engineer). She is a very nice, kind and clever woman.
My father's name is ... He is ... years old. He is a farmer,too (a teacher, an engineer, a doctor, a businessman). He is rather tall and strong.
He is a man of strong character - and all of us love him very much.
Both of my brother are machanics (students ,pupils). Their names are ... I love them very much.
We are a very good family. We love each other very much. In the evenings, when all the members of our family get together after work and study, we like to watch TV, to read books and newspapers, to talk about different things and to discuss all our problems together. When the weather is good we sometimes go for a walk. We have a small house in the country with a garden and a kitchen-garden. There is much work there and on week-ends we go there and work and have rest all together.

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19 nhận xét :

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