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Topic: Talk about your hometown

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I was born in a quiet village where the influence of the city is not much.
Tôi sinh ra ở một làng quê yên tĩnh, nơi mà không hề có ảnh hưởng gì từ thành phố
It is a small village with a population of about two thousand people.
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It is a very good place for relaxation indeed.
In my village, people live very close to each another. The people are very simple in thought and behavior. Therefore they are friendly and helpful . So, the crimes of the city  are almost unknown in my village. The people work together and live in peace. I love them.
My village is surrounded by paddy-fields and a river. All these add great beauty and variety to my village scene. Although  I do not like growing rice, but I really like the fields. It makes me have a good mood, a peace mood and a relaxed mood.
Now I am living in  Hanoi capital. I want to come back my hometown very much. Living among such friendly and simple people, in such a quiet village, is indeed a real pleasure.
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  1. I have some comment about this essay:
    - General, The essay is very good. It is enough information what description about the hometown. Sentences using are various ways.
    - Beside, I recognize some mistakes:
    + The four line from top-down: "In my village, people live very close to each another", Close (Adj)=> Closely (Adv);
    + You wrote that: "The people is...", is => are;
    + I think that you should not say: "I do not like growing rice", because you was born in the village and grew up from here. However, you said that, the reader will not agree with this opinion. :)
    + This sentence: "It make me have a good mood....", make => makes,
    Some comment to share with you!
    Sincerely, BillNguyen.

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    1. Thank for your comment! :) I have some mistakes.
      "Close to" is adv. You can review this word again. :)
      Feel free to share and comment in this blog.

    2. I saw the dictionary, "Close" is a adj and adv, I agree this using way.

    3. Each other or one another
      Not each another =))

  2. Actually, my writing skill is as well as my listening and speaking skills. I don't have commend or idea for your essay. But I want to say problem that you love learning what is the English skill, you have to make effort. For example, You like studying the writing skill, you should improve the skill by reading and writing the book's essay which you interest...

    I wish you have a good job and good health in this haste life...
    Faithfully, Huy

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  3. Oh. Thankyou very much.
    I feel myself too bad. I'm not yet writing as you.

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  4. thank you so much for the essay,It is simple enough for me to understand.

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  5. cảm ơn bài viết của bạn, mình cũng mới vết một bài, mọi người có thể giúp mình sửa được không? cảm ơn mọi người rất nhiều
    My hometown
    In the fact, I have two hometowns. I was born in Quang Ngai province and grown up in Lam Dong province. My first hometown is lowlander, it located about 100km to south of Da Nang city. It has severe weather condition: high temperature and the sun was burning hot, one day the sun can burn from 5h30 to 18h30. From July to December, my hometown is affected by storm. So that, the local people’ life very hard. They grow rice and keep pigs, chickens and buffalo. In addition, they grow eucalyptus, it has high economic value. In Quang Ngai province has Dung Quat international port, it come into stream since end of 2008. It opens economic area and neighboring ones.
    Oppositely my first hometown, my second hometown is highland. It has comfortable weather, the average temperature is 170C and it is a quiet place. In the winter, temperature may come down 50C. It located about 24km to west-southwest of Da Lat city center. When you come to my hometown you can see more hills and more pine tree, the specific tree of low temperature area. All these add great beauty and variety to my hometown scene. The local people grow coffees, teas, avocados, persimmon and vegetables include potato, carrot, green peas, cabbage…... So that, when you come to my hometown you can eat more vegetable with low price and make the most of refresh air. Now I’m studying in Ho Chi Minh city and after graduation, I’ll come back my second hometown to find job and contribute a small part of me to develop my hometown.

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  6. hay wa nhung co ve k cu the lam

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  8. ta không dùng "although..but" mặc dù dịch ra nghĩa phải là : "mặc dù..nhưng..."
    chỉ dùng "although"

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