21 thg 6, 2012

Topic: Living in the city or in the countryside

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Everybody usually ponder on living in city or countryside, but I'm certain that living in city is better. These are some important reasons which you want to live in city.

The first point, there're many things in city, you can search simple things or luxurious things. There're many kinds of telecom service, for example: internet stations, cell phone offices, telephone offices, post offices, and so forth; there're many kinds of transport service, ex: taxi, airplane, train, motorbike taxi, and so on; there're many different services, for example: beauty salons, good hospitals, good universities, foreign language schools, coffee bars, supermarkets, book stores, and they're always near your house. Now, all the factories are transferring from city out to suburb, so the pollution will reduce.

The next point, there're much foods, all the good foods in the world have been occurred in city. Especially in VN, you can eat everything, anywhere, from roadsides to the luxurious restaurants.

Finally, if you aren't lazy, you can earn money easily in city where there are many jobs and many contacts waiting for you. You see, the millions people of countryside are migrating to city. Among of them, they have become the billionaires.

In short, there is anything in city which is best convenience. Why don't you test to live in city? You'll agree with me completely.
Ponder /'pɔndə/  (v) : suy nghĩ, cân nhắc
Luxurious /lʌg'zjuəriəs/  (adj): sang trọng, xa xỉ
transfer /'trænsfə:/ (v) : di chuyển, dời chỗ
Suburb /'sʌbə:b/ (n): ngoại ô
Migrate /mai'greit/ (v) : di trú, ra nước ngoài

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8 nhận xét :

  1. The general is may be good. However, some opinions that I do not agree fully with you. The topic name: "Living in the city or in the countryside", so you have to describe some advantages and disadvantages in the city. I read this essay and do not see the disadvantages.
    Some comments!

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    1. I think that the general is may be good.so it is pretty tight.
      you should write longer

  2. I dont agree with Nguyen Duy Tuan. I think this is a kind of topic that you must support your opinion, not in the other way

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  3. hơi ngắn. viết tạm ổn

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  4. Bài viết tốt nhưng hình như hơi áp đặt người đọc -; -; -;

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